Volume 185

North East Industrial Steam (60-mins) Price £19.75


Many of the great names associated with the birth railway are also associated with the North East of the country. Such names at Stephenson and Hackworth spring to mind. In this volume we cover many of the locations still using steam in this area and these famous names continue as those of the locomotive builders.

At the NCB Philadelphia central workshops we see the remains of a Hackworth locomotive, built for the Hetton Colliery Railway as far back as 1838. Many of the other locomotives seen in use come from the factory in Forth Street, Newcastle built where George and his son Robert Stephenson set up their original works in 1823.

In Northumberland, we start at Ashington, the “largest pit village in the world” and see coal being moved from the pit to the power station.

Moving south to County Durham, we see locomotives built by the pre-grouping North Eastern Railway still being used on BR tracks.

Other locations visited include the shipbuilders Doxfords, with their fascinating fleet of crane tanks. Many NCB locations are also visited including Derwenthaugh, Morrison Busty, Hetton, Lambton, Backworth, Burradon, Bates, Widdrington, Amble, Whittle, Shilbottle, and Harton with its electric locos.

Onwards to the Durham coast and we visit Seaham Harbour with its second-hand locos and the famous steam paddle tugs “Eppleton Hall” and “Reliant” in action.

Apart from the Hetton Colliery locomotive, the other locomotives seen date from one built in 1887 to the Stephenson Iong-boilered design and the modern Hunslets of 1957.

We have a ride in the cab along a colliery mineral railway and also see the colliers being loaded from coal staithes at the coastal ports. A veritable feast of steam in the North East with a flavour of industrial history!

All the archive film used is virtually all in colour and an extensively researched commentary along with an authentic soundtrack has been added.

Cover Photo:- Jon Marsh
Lambton No.29 climbing the bank to Philadelphia.

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